May 16, 2013

[ The Passage ]

The Passage is a collaboration between Anathema's Daniel Cavanagh and writer Joseph Geraci (the voice on Anathema's "Internal Landscapes" off of Weather Systems). Featuring the voices of both Cavanagh, Geraci and Heather Leah Huddleston, the tones of the voices mix and blend to fit the tone of the poetry. The poems focus mostly on Geraci's near-death experience, which he speaks about in "Internal Landscapes." Poetry, to him, was his way of expressing his experience, and it was also how he tried to understand it. The light, the beauty, the warmth, the peace, and the deep feelings of being alone and unable to adequately express just what he experienced are what make up the poems. And Daniel heard the words, felt a deep need to create, sat down, and composed. The music just came to him, spontaneously and truly inspired. The album also contains two new songs by Cavanagh. "Within (Part 2)" and "Brief" are based on the words of Geraci. In their heartfelt and emotive delivery, the songs act as an ideal coda to the more tender moments on Anathema's recent albums. Presented as a 17 part continuous suite of textures, poetry and songs, The Passage is a seductive and unpretentious marriage of spoken word and music that highlights the growing sophistication in Daniel Cavanagh's compositional capabilities. The album is accompanied by exquisite photographs by Carl Glover, and the 28-page booklet offers both the poems and photographs. For more information just like the official facebook page.  

Genre Atmospheric/Spoken Word
Here's the tracklist:

1) Metamorphosis
2) Alone
3) The Orbit

4) Within
5) Yet To Be
6) Freedom
7) The Return
8) Within Part 2
9) The Islands
10) Water Fire
11) I Am You
12) Brief
13) Childhood Lost
14) Color
15) By Myself
16) The Beginning
17) The Passage

You can listen to these following songs now:

May 04, 2013

[Ville Valo]

According to a Facebook Fanpage, Ville has got an asthma attack today and the band had to cancel the show in Chicago tonight.
We wish him to get well soon.

May 03, 2013

[HIM - Most Dedicated Fans]

Here we go...

Click here to watch the handing over of the Award.

Marilyn Manson's reaction was very disappointing to me... and as a fan of both Bands (HIM & MM) I do not accept Marilyn Manson's unfair reaction. I think this is kinda EGOISM. HE should show more respect to HIM and specially to Gas who was so brave and cute and appeared alone...

I'm so proud of HIM and of course being a part of this award. I'm absolutely delighted that HIM has succeeded.

Here were the Bands who were nominated for the 

Revolver Golden Awards 2013 - Most Dedicated Fans

I guess MM was expecting Rammstein!