October 31, 2011

[healing heart process - beginning of the END]

hey, dudettes & dudes.
how r U today?
I hope U remember my writings with the title "healing heart process"...
I said I won't stop writing until my heart is healed! I wrote 5 parts during my self- healing process and then I began to express my feelings with lyrics and quotes etc!
Well, today I feel much better, although sometimes memories come up and make me sad, but there are worlds between those days and NOW.
I feel free and I feel a change in my point of view of life.
I completely turned to an optimistic person... but I think, I'm still not willing to fall in love or start a relationship.
I'm satisfied with everything and everyone around me yet.
I can't complain!!!
Life goes on and everything will be the way U want it and U make it... you create your own life!!


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